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We specialize in all manner of fenestration products, but we do not offer every brand on the market. In fact, we maintain extremely strict standards regarding which products we will or won't endorse. The criteria we use to determine whether or not a particular product is one we will recommend are, of course, based on our own opinions. However, these opinions are not based on mere fickle whims. By in large, our opinions reflect the current state of the art in the fenestration industry and in the specific window and door technologies currently deemed to be the BEST. We are constantly researching new developments in the manufacture of window and door innovations, and, if such developments warrant, we will change which products we offer if we find a product that is of higher quality than the line we currently recommend.

In short, we offer only the very highest quality products we can find. If and when we find a better quality product, we will carry that product. In our view, if you simply want the cheapest window you can find, anyone can go down to the local hardware store and order it. We do not expect home owners to seek out a window specialist if that is all they are looking for. Our customers want a window product they can buy ONE TIME and then forget about forever-after. That is what we offer.

The fact is, there are hundreds of window brands on the market today. It would be difficult - probably impossible - for any one individual to be an expert on every aspect of life. Who could hope to become his or her own expert on tort and criminal law, physical and mental health, automotive and small engine mechanics, food production and cooking, household cleaning and clothes laundering, bookkeeping, hair-styling, insurance, home improvements and general maintenance, education of their children, spiritual guidance and counseling... all in a single lifetime? It would be nice, but it's not realistic. So we rely on experts to help us make the right decisions in these various fields so that we can focus our time and attention on all of these at once without losing sight of why we are doing all this.

That is where Custom WINDOWS & TRIM comes in. We are the "hired window expert" a number of local homeowners have chosen to help them wade through the mass of types, styles, brands, and options available in modern window products. When they chose us, they understand that we are seeking the absolute highest quality product we can find. You can depend on us to continue looking for the highest quality windows and doors available for residential applications. That is our chosen area of expertise, and we take great pride in it. We are truly honored to know that so many people have chosen us to help them find the best windows for their home.

Our customers also know that we seek to use Iowa-made products whenever possible. Currently both of the window brands we carry are manufactured right here in Iowa, as are our storm windows and doors, sliding patio doors, french doors, awnings, and siding products. Our prime entry doors remain the only product we offer that is not directly manufactured in Iowa. We firmly believe in the legendary "Midwestern Work Ethic" and we strive to emulate that work ethic at all times. That includes selecting products made by our fellow Iowans who share in the values we hold dear. You can rely on us to continue to carry the best products made by the best workers in the world: Iowans!

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Our Products
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