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Welcome to the Custom WINDOWS & TRIM home page!

Welcome to our web site. After more than a decade in the window business, we are thrilled to finally be on the Internet. We hope you find our site useful to you.

Custom WINDOWS & TRIM is owned and operated by Joel and Maxine Illian who live in University Park. Joel has lived here since 1985 and Maxine has lived in Mahaska County, Iowa all her life. We are both fully certified by A.W.D.I., the Association of Window and Door Installers. Information about our AWDI certification can be found in the Credentials section.

Our Name Says It All

 Custom . . .
The products we offer are custom built to fit your home exactly. We do not have a warehouse full of "standard" size products. Each job we accept is carefully measured by us and then ordered directly from the manufacturer where it is crafted to exacting specifications, built specifically for your home. By our way of thinking, if the job's not worth doing right, it's not worth doing. And when it comes to windows, that means custom-built.

 WINDOWS . . .
We specialize in windows and products directly related to them. We are not a jack-of-all-trades "general contractor." Some specialize in roofing, others in construction, etc., etc... At Custom WINDOWS & TRIM the field of fenestration is our chosen area of expertise. That's all we do, and we do it well. Anybody can buy and install a window, it's true. And if you aren't particular about how the job turns out, you are certainly free to hire your uncle's cousin's boyfriend's roommate to install your windows. Sometimes it works out just fine to do that.
   But if you want to be SURE the job is being done by a professional - someone who knows what they're doing, someone who has been certified as a window expert - if you want to be SURE the job is done right, you contact a specialist - and that is what we are.
   If you are looking for a cheap window that will simply look nice only long enough for you to sell the house, then we probably aren't the company you are looking for. If, on the other hand, you want the very best window on the market, backed by the inudstry's strongest warranty, with a variety of options and competitive pricing, then you will be quite pleased with what we have to offer. Even if you simply want to find some excellent windows that you can install yourself, we can help you find what you want.

 & TRIM . . .
Although we specialize in windows, we are not so myopic as to ignore the sundry products which often go hand-in-hand with window projects. We offer complete installation if that is what you need, we can custom-trim the exterior wood around the window for a completed finish to the job if you wish, and we even handle a number of other products such as awnings, storm windows and doors. If you were wanting a complete exterior remodel, involving both windows and siding, we can even help with that. For a sampling of the various products we offer, see our Products section.

To contact us for a free consultation, see our Contact page.

Much of this web site is still under construction so please check back often to track our progress.

To learn more about us and the producst we offer, use the buttons on the left to navigate to a specific area or simply click the Next Page button to read on.

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